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Hey There! I’m Erin – the lawyer-turned-blogger (a/k/a recipe developer, photographer, editor-in-chief) who is passionate about helping YOU get simple, real-food recipes on your table!

Real-Food Recipes: Welcome to The Wooden Skillet! The overarching theme here is simple, real-food recipes. Our goal is to help you put recipes on your table that are made with simple, unprocessed foods; ingredients you can actually pronounce and recipes that are easy to follow. Under this “umbrella” of real-food recipes we also create a ton of Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Plant-Based recipes. So whichever route you took to get here – we are so happy to have you!

Balance: We also believe in balance here at The Wooden Skillet so you will also find a handful of cocktails (and mocktails), desserts and even a few family favorite recipes that are meant for just once in a while celebrations.

Cooking School: Finally, part of our brand is also empowering our readers and teaching them how to cook, because we know that if you know how to make the basics, you are all the more likely to be able to throw together a healthy, real-food recipe on your own with what you have in your kitchen! So we also share lots of cooking basics, how-to’s and tutorials!

Your Journey

The Wooden Skillet is here to support you wherever you are in your real-food journey! Whether you are interested in eating a sustainable real-food diet, starting your first Whole30, curious about eating Paleo or you just learned a family member is allergic to dairy or gluten – we are here to HELP, INSPIRE and SUPPORT you along the way! Feel free to explore the recipe index for meal inspiration, the resource section for more in-depth support and the below “What Is… Series” to further explore some of the different diet-specific topics!

Find What Works For You

What is...Series


So many people come to The Wooden Skillet looking for recipes and resources about certain ways of eating. So I wanted to share some beginner resources if you are new to any one of these types of eating or if you are just curious and want to learn more!

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Whole30 Basics

Interested in Whole30? We got you covered! With hundreds of recipes and a ton of resources (including meal plans), this your go-to place for all things Whole30!

Whole30 Recipes

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