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There are so many traditional recipes that are made in the oven and here are The Wooden Skillet we love nothing more than classic, traditional recipes!  We have you covered with everything from Roasting a Thanksgiving Turkey to simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds & everything in between.

A grilled turkey on a serving platter on a table among various side dishes.

Main Dish/Entree

Ever made bacon in the oven?

Now is the time!  Skip the splattering mess and get the same crispy results by simply learning How To Bake Bacon In The Oven!  So good and perfect for adding to any of your favorite breakfast recipes.

Side Dishes

Breakfast + Dessert

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Hi, I'm Erin!

The founder and creator of The Wooden Skillet where I share healthy, simple, real-food recipes for every day life!

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